Friday, 30 October 2020

String concatenation and interpolation in Twig

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Twig has two useful operations, ~ and #{}, for string concatenation and interpolation respectively.

String concatenation

We can use the operator ~ to convert all operands into strings and append one string to the end of another. For example, in PHP, we pass two variables to the template string.twig.

echo $twig->render('string.twig', array("numA" => "1", "numB" => "9"));

In the template file string.twig, we can use the operator ~ to concatenate the strings.

<P>{{ "Number A is: " ~ numA}}<br>
   {{ "Number B is: " ~ numB}}

The output will be:

Number A is: 1
Number B is: 9

String interpolation

Within a double-quoted string, we can use the interpolation operator #{} to evaluate a valid expression and the result is converted to a string for display. In the template file, we can do like this:

   {{ "A + B = #{numA + numB}"}}

The numbers numA and numB will be added together and the output will be:

A + B = 10