Friday, 10 July 2020

Image folders of EV3 Display block

LEGO EV3  Robots 

In the Image mode of the EV3 Display block, you can display a graphic image file on the EV3 Brick display. When you click the File Name input at the top of the block, a popup window will list two folders: "Project Images" and "LEGO Image Files". The "Project Images" folder contains the images that have already been used in the current project. The "LEGO Image Files" folder contains the image files that are provided in the EV3 software. Images are placed in 7 categories:

  • Expressions
  • Eyes
  • Information
  • LEGO
  • Objects
  • Progress
  • System

Image folders of the Display block

Categories of the LEGO Image Files folder

When an image under the "LEGO Image Files" folder is selected and used in the project, it will be added to the "Project Images" folder. It is easy for you to use the same images multiple times in a project. For example, after you select the "Big smile" image under the "Expressions" category, the image file "Big smile" is listed under the folder "Project Images".

An image is selected under the LEGO Image Files folder

The image is added to the Project Images folder

If you check the Project Properties, you can see that the file "Big smile.rgf" is added under the project's Images tab.

The image file is added under the project images tab